Zippay offer 3 different credit limits based on certain factors which they evaluate on the application process. 
Checks they do:
  • Credit Scores
  • Income Stability
  • Identity via Facebook or Paypal. 
3 different credit limits they offer:

For more information on ZipPay, see the link below:

AfterPay and SalonPay

The limit with Afterpay/Salon depends on the assessment of your ability to make repayments on your short instalment plan.  This will largely be determined by your repayment history the amount you are able
For those who have only recently joined Afterpay, spending limits will generally be smaller.  However, the longer you have been spending responsibly and making repayments on time, your spending limits may increase.
For more information on Afterpay and SalonPay, see the links below:

No Limit Payment Plan Options:

MyHealth&Beauty payment plans aren’t credit or a loan, so you won’t pay any interest or go through any complicated credit checks.
It’s so simple that you can setup the payment plan and start treatment on the same day!
A minimum deposit of 20% off your total is required on your appointment. 
  • 6 months payment plan – $300-$1000  
  • 12 months payment plan – $1000 and over
For more information on MyHealth&Beauty Payment Plans, see the link below:
Clinic Bank Account
You have the option to choose direct bank transfers as your payment option into our clinics bank account.  
  • 6 months payment plan – $300-$1000  
  • 12 months payment plan – $1000 and over
Please note the important information:
  • The total amount MUST be paid before the service is performed.
  • You have the option to pay as much as you want and whenever you want – Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly. 
  • You MUST email through each transfer to be placed on your account.