You said “YES”… and we know you want the fairytale wedding every girl dreams of – including glowing skin!

Our team have designed Bridal Packages to ensure your skin is glowing in every precious photo.  Whether you want to begin 5 weeks out, 3 months, 6 months or 9 months out…we have a package for you!

We have chosen these intervals, because as the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”!

We want to work with you and guide you to not just having a quick fix, but healthy and radiant skin, that lasts much longer than just your wedding day!

Our packages are a combination of the best treatments in the industry.  

We understand weddings and budgets can be stressful, so that is why we have given you options to still receive all these amazing treatments, but to suit your time limit and budget.  Best part, we provide different payment plan options so you don’t need to stress about the upfront cost!

Each Bridal package provides you with the best treatments within that given time limit.

If you are able to complete the 9 month package, you will receive the recommended minimum number of each treatments, but its not to say you won’t get amazing results from the other packages.  All include the most advanced treatments that we can safely perform in that time frame!

Our packages are  a combination of:

Alpha-H Pro Enzyme and Glycolic Peels to decongest, refine, lighten and brighten the skin.

Bio-Hydrodermabrasion will help to remove dead skin cells and deeply exfoliate the skin, whilst infusing the skin with solutions tailored to your concerns and stimulate blood circulation to the skin to feed and nourish the cells!

IPL Photo Rejuvenation, this technology is designed to treat skin conditions and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooth out irregularities and enhance your skins overall luminosity for a revitalised, youthful glow.

RF Skin Tightening, radio-frequency skin tightening is a technique that uses radio frequency energy to heat the skin tissue and stimulate collagen production, which induces tissue remodelling and stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin.  Ensuring you have a lifted, youthful glow!

Dermapen Micro Needling, one of the most popular treatments in the industry!  This treatment targets just about every concern you could think of!  Fine lines, acne scarring, Enlarged pores, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks and much more!  It works by creating tiny punctures across the treated area, as your skin heals it will produce new collagen, which will create a more youthful appearance. It is a safe healing response, without any harsh side effects.

Specialised Dermalounge Facial, we have included this facial treatment at the end of each one of our packages to make sure your skin is glowing and you feel as relaxed as you can be leading up to your big day!

Our 5 weeks package is perfect for anyone who doesn’t have many concerns and/or wants to have glowing, even, healthy looking skin on their special day and/or is on a budget!

With 10% OFF Alpha-H, Environ, Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics – start your journey to the keeping your skin in shape on your day, honey moon and for years to come!

 Your take home kit will include:

  • Alpha-H Lip Perfect – A “Perfect” combination of serum and balm to keep your lips hydrated, plump while also redefining and minimising vertical lines, sun damage – old and new, keeping your lips looking and feeling youthful. 
  • Alpha-H Liquid Gold Lux Resurfacing Body Cloths with Glycolic and Aloe Vera – This incredible formula will improve the appearance of your skin in no time by smoothing out bumps and blemishes, uneven skin tone,  dry flakey skin while also assisting ingrown hairs to be gone – fantastic option for your bikini line!  Your skin will be hydrated, supple and luminous for that special day. 
  • Youngblood Mineral Cosmetic Samples – When having treatments, its important to use makeup that’s good for your skin!  This makeup brand is specially designed to allow your skin to still breathe while receiving the goodness it needs – a non-comedogenic formulation for even the most sensitive or allergy prone. 
  • And a special “Gift” Just For You! Xo